We carefully select our bases for dyeing. At the moment we obtain our yarns from manufacturers in Great Britain and Germany. The fibres are sourced mainly from South American (Argentina, Patagonia and Uruguai). All bases are mulesing free.

Most of our yarns are superwash qualities. It not only makes the dyeing process easier, it also allows for more brilliant colours and provides yarns that that are more hard-wearing and colours that are long-lasting. (Even though superwash yarns can be washed in the machine, we recommend a cold hand wash because it makes your project more durable.) Nevertheless, we will introduce more and more non-superwash yarns, because we all love them so much: One of these is our Reggae Alpaca.

Our bases:

Baby Camelhair Silk
This a luxurious blend of 50% fine baby camel hair and 50% mulberry silk, twisted into a beautifully soft and luxurious yarn. The silk adds a gorgeous shine. 466 metres per 100 g skein. Non-superwash.

KidSilk Mohair
A lace weight yarn made of 78% Mohair and 22% Silk. It comes in 50g skeins with yardage of 420m (840m per 100g). It's perfect for all lace projects as well as a carry-along yarn for extra fuzzy projects. Non-superwash.

Lamb+Lin is a Fingering yarn with a blend of 85% lambs wool of the Swabian Jura and 15% French Linen, which adds to the rustic and "tweedy" character of the yarn. It's non-superwash and has approx. 400m per 100g.

Merino (4ply)
GarnStories Merino is a soft fingering 100% Merino base (superwash) with a yardage of 400m/100g. It’s great for all garments and shawls.

Merino Soxs
GarnStories Merino Soxs is a 4-ply yarn made of 75% Merino (superwash) and 25% Polyamide. It is a hard-wearing fingering weight yarn with approx. 425m per 100g. Great for socks, light scarves and shawls.

Merino Sport
Our Merino Sport is a very soft (20.5 micron) Merino base (superwash) from Patagonia. It has a beautiful stitch definition and is perfect for all kind of projects. Approx. 310m / 100g.

Soxs Twist
GarnStories Soxs Twist is a 4-ply yarn made of 80% superwash Merino and 20% Nylon. This yarn is soft and hard-wearing at the same time. It has an extra twist in the ply (high twist) and it’s great for socks, but also for many other projects, especially for all shawl or hat patterns in fingering weight.Approx. 365m / 100g.

Merino Singles
Our Merino Singles base is a 100% Merino, superwash base. It is beautifully soft and smooth. As a single ply fingering yarn light pilling is possible. This base takes dyes, especially speckles, beautifully. 366m per 100g. 1/3.66nm.

Merino Silky Singles
GarnStories Merino Silky Singles is a soft yarn base with a beautiful sheen, made of 70% superwash Merino and 30%. Approx. 400m/100g.

Merino Supersoft
GarnStories Merino Supersoft is indead "super soft"! It is a 100% Merino (superwash) ultrafine wool with 16 micron. It is great for shawl or baby projects - as well as everything that you will have next to your skin. For sweaters or cardigans, we recommend a smaller needle size. A really beautiful base that seems to be thicker than its 360m per 100g.

Merino Flow DK 
GarnStories Merino Flow DK is a 4-ply yarn made of 100% superwash Merino, beautiful and soft. It's the perfect yarn for every project - knitting or crocheting alike. Approx: 225m/100g.

Merino Super DK 
GarnStories Merino Super DK is a 8-ply yarn with a beautiful twist and a great stitch definition. This pure Merino yarn (superwash) reat for sweaters, scarves and hats – as well as (almost) everything else. Yardage: 250m/100g.

Posh DK
GarnStories Posh DK is a sumptuous blend made from Alpaka (70%), Silk (20%) and Cashmere (10%). A 100g skein has approx. 225 meters.
This delicious yarn has a beautiful sheen and is perfect for all next-to-skein projects. It's a non-superwash yarn.

Posh Soxs
GarnStories Posh Soxs is made from Alpaka (70%), Silk (20%) and Cashmere (10%).  A 100g skein has approx. 400 meters.
It's a delicious yarn with 400 meters per 100g skein. This non-superwash yarn has a beautiful sheen and is perfect for all next to skein projects

Reggae Alpaca
Reggae Alpaca is our first non-superwash yarn. It is made from 50% Merino and 50% Alpaca (Alpaca fibres are sourced from young animals). Thanks to a unique reggae felting technique, the yarn has an interesting structure, is featherlight and goes a long way (200m/100g). We recommend a needle size of 5-6mm.

Silky Merino DK
50% superwash Merino and 50% Silk. It’s smooth and has a beautiful sheen and is great for all knitting and crochet projects. 212 metres per 100g, 4/8.5nm.

Suri Alpaca Flaum
This yarn is beautifully light, soft and fuzzy. It's made from 74% Alpaca and a 26% Silk core. The 50g-skein has a yardage of 300m. (600m per 100g). Non-superwash.